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Final Fantasy 7.0 Plz Account Database

Finally taking the advice given to me multiple times about making a place to keep track of all the plz accounts. I certainly can't keep track of them anymore.

It goes as follows: [Person who created the plz] : [the plz]

:iconsilverdragonblood: : :iconcloudsweetjesusplz:

:iconhafell: : :iconcloudballsplz: :iconcloudgahplz: :iconcloudsephiroth: :iconfrogaerisplz:

:icondima-chan: : :iconclouddurrhurrplz: :iconcloudsleepplz: :iconaerisflowersplz: :icontifanotimpressedplz: :icondouchebagcloud:

:iconheminekron: : :iconsillycloudplz: :icontifawutplz: :iconcrazysephyplz: :iconsillygenesisplz: :iconangrysephyplz: :iconmadlockhartplz: :icontifadeniedplz: :iconsurprisedcloudplz: :iconcloudnotimpressedplz: :iconworriedsephyplz: :iconhappytifaplz: :iconhappyaerithplz: :iconyuffiebelieveitplz: :iconfishyyuffieplz: :iconyuffieinyourfaceplz: :iconschemingyuffieplz: :iconyuffiechuponplz: :iconcloudwutplz: :icontifaohmyplz: :iconcreepyofficerplz:

:iconrah-chan: : :iconrufusraegplz:

:iconryugexu: : :iconragerothplz: :iconitsreallypainfulplz:

:iconaerisbreed: : :iconcloudmehplz: :iconcloudbyeplz: :iconmapofmidgarplz: :iconaerisohyouplz: :iconcloudissaneplz: :iconyuffiekawaiiplz:

:iconkatt97: : :iconsephyreadplz: :iconconstipatedsephplz:

:iconim-a-tumor: : :iconcloudsquatplz:

:iconnaosuloff: : :iconaerisboggleplz: :iconredluvplz: :iconcloudraepface: :iconbarretwutplz: :iconstoneryuffieplz: :iconcloudyudodisplz: :iconcaitlawlsplz: :iconmogshockplz: :iconhappymaskcaitplz:

:iconzack-the-puppy-20: : :iconcloudsarcastingplz:

:icontomisastrawberry: : :iconshockedcloudplz: :iconcloudisbrockplz: :iconsillyelenaplz: :iconmateriainmyvanplz:

:iconkinetii: : :iconsillydolphinplz: :iconyouwaitandseeplz:

:iconkelle611: : :iconrufushappyfaceplz: :iconcloudwhatthisshitplz:

:iconknotinthecoffin: : :iconchocomogplz: :iconchocosteveplz: :iconchildhoodstalkerplz: :iconpassplz:

:iconshamelessmagic: : :icondistraughtcloudplz: :iconcloudnoooplz: :iconcloudgaspplz: :iconpsychoscarletplz: :iconjoesacrebleuplz: :iconjoeheeplz: :iconclouddoubtsitplz: :iconunpleasedjoeplz:

:iconarkhamlady: : :icontifaitbetternotplz: :iconcloudumonstrplz: :iconaerisitburnsplz: :iconcloudpervplz: :icontifagrownplz:

:icongoddess-of-buttsecks: : :icontifawantplz:

:iconsheggy: : :icondancingcloudplz: :iconmockingsephirothplz:

:icondrevan64: : :iconcaitsithtrollfaceplz:

:iconralor: : :iconestergnawinhimplz:

:iconhighwindsen: : :iconangry-aerisplz:

:iconaerisfrogplz: : :iconaerisfrogplz:

:icontsurtsurel12: : : :iconaerisraegplz: :icontifaraegplz: :iconcloudadventureplz: :iconyuffieishappyplz: :iconone-wingedsephyplz: :iconsephylostitplz: :iconbookshoveplz: :iconwhatthemateriaplz: :iconaerismogritaplz:

:iconchalengerx: : :icongaspcloudplz:

:iconikai-zixie: : :iconmustresistcloudplz:

:iconkjelfalconer: : :iconforeveraloneaerisplz:

:iconlegolass1119: : :iconfuturecloudplz:

:iconkasimere: : :iconagelesstsengplz:

:iconzerokazuhake: : :iconyuffiemurderplz: :iconunforgivevincentplz:

:iconaiphos-sender: : :iconcloudpatronizeplz:

:iconshadow-katana: : :iconsillyredxiiiplz:

:iconthecommander236: : :iconclouddatplaneboatplz: :iconcloudnoimpressedplz: :iconsephyouheardmeplz: :iconredxiiisadfaceplz: :iconyuffiehappyplz: :iconcloudinpainplz:

:iconshinbufuman: : :iconaerisexcitedplz: :iconyuffieomgplz: :iconyuffiequiteplz:

:iconanonymousguy3: : :icontsunyuffieplz: :iconnekoyuffieplz: :iconyuffiewantsthedplz: :icongododerpplz: :iconrudeswagplz: :iconpsychoyuffieplz: :icongreasedyuffieplz:

:iconcapri-chan: : :icongrouchocloudplz:





Abe no Seimei Tribute by ObstinateMelon
Abe no Seimei Tribute

It's cool that this game is on the Vita to ensure that no one knows what it is. It's also cool that I have game #2 to play on the Vita.

Anyway, I'm glad this song plays a lot because I like it.


United States
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Hey, I have a stamp!

Obstinate Melon - Stamp by Dima-Chan


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JQHNHARQLD Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
Your the best melon out here.

ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Whoa, thanks.

I'll try to keep a 5-year-old melon fresh, if at all possible!
Captain-Sora Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
Ever notice how increasingly annoying that ONE spike in Cloud's hair gets when you look at it too long? Y'know, that one spike. The one that's randomly going down on one side of his head and doesn't compliment the overall hairstyle at all? The one icicle that could one day fall off and stab his shoulder? Ever notice that? Wassup wit' dat? If it weren't for Nomura establishing the design first, one would think its origin lied in a polygon error. Where does it even stem from? It leads up diagonally opposite to his face, seemingly growing from the edge of nothingness.
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
I wonder if that's why they made it less obvious in newer designs. Although post Advent Children they slowly went back to the original-look... but not, because it's still sort of different. Good god, they've been altering and trying to make that hairstyle work for almost 20 years now. Not to mention how much worse the J-pop iterations made it look. Just stick with his Goku hair and get over it!
Captain-Sora Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
The AC design was more like a new haircut than making his original style less noticeable(you can see this by looking at the differences in the KH series or Dissidia alts, where it actually changes when he switches to the movie look), although it's obvious that they gave him a new hairstyle to avoid utilizing his crazier Goku hair because of its sheer awesome. But y'know, even with them going back to his original design these days, they STILL haven't given him back his nazi pants/jodhpurs! Whenever I see him in Dissidia and new artwork, he always looks completely unfinished without them. President Shinra must be rolling in his grave knowing that his iconic uniform has been retconned into a shadow of its former self!
Green-Cheetah Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know,that "Obst" actually means "Fruit" in german? xD
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
I didn't know my name was so fruitinate! I am very wise thanks to you.
Green-Cheetah Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha,no problem xD
Keep up your great work!!
*cough* especially the ff7 comic*cough cough* xD sorry c:
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Well, I don't intend to stop it anytime soon. Thanks for the motivation. :la:
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