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Final Fantasy 7.0 Plz Account Database

Finally taking the advice given to me multiple times about making a place to keep track of all the plz accounts. I certainly can't keep track of them anymore.

It goes as follows: [Person who created the plz] : [the plz]

:iconsilverdragonblood: : :iconcloudsweetjesusplz:

:iconhafell: : :iconcloudballsplz: :iconcloudgahplz: :iconcloudsephiroth: :iconfrogaerisplz:

:icondima-chan: : :iconclouddurrhurrplz: :iconcloudsleepplz: :iconaerisflowersplz: :icontifanotimpressedplz: :icondouchebagcloud:

:iconheminekron: : :iconsillycloudplz: :icontifawutplz: :iconcrazysephyplz: :iconsillygenesisplz: :iconangrysephyplz: :iconmadlockhartplz: :icontifadeniedplz: :iconsurprisedcloudplz: :iconcloudnotimpressedplz: :iconworriedsephyplz: :iconhappytifaplz: :iconhappyaerithplz: :iconyuffiebelieveitplz: :iconfishyyuffieplz: :iconyuffieinyourfaceplz: :iconschemingyuffieplz: :iconyuffiechuponplz: :iconcloudwutplz: :icontifaohmyplz: :iconcreepyofficerplz:

:iconrah-chan: : :iconrufusraegplz:

:iconryugexu: : :iconragerothplz: :iconitsreallypainfulplz:

:iconaerisbreed: : :iconcloudmehplz: :iconcloudbyeplz: :iconmapofmidgarplz: :iconaerisohyouplz: :iconcloudissaneplz: :iconyuffiekawaiiplz:

:iconkatt97: : :iconsephyreadplz: :iconconstipatedsephplz:

:iconim-a-tumor: : :iconcloudsquatplz:

:iconnaosuloff: : :iconaerisboggleplz: :iconredluvplz: :iconcloudraepface: :iconbarretwutplz: :iconstoneryuffieplz: :iconcloudyudodisplz: :iconcaitlawlsplz: :iconmogshockplz: :iconhappymaskcaitplz:

:iconzack-the-puppy-20: : :iconcloudsarcastingplz:

:icontomisastrawberry: : :iconshockedcloudplz: :iconcloudisbrockplz: :iconsillyelenaplz: :iconmateriainmyvanplz:

:iconkinetii: : :iconsillydolphinplz: :iconyouwaitandseeplz:

:iconkelle611: : :iconrufushappyfaceplz: :iconcloudwhatthisshitplz:

:iconknotinthecoffin: : :iconchocomogplz: :iconchocosteveplz: :iconchildhoodstalkerplz: :iconpassplz:

:iconshamelessmagic: : :icondistraughtcloudplz: :iconcloudnoooplz: :iconcloudgaspplz: :iconpsychoscarletplz: :iconjoesacrebleuplz: :iconjoeheeplz: :iconclouddoubtsitplz: :iconunpleasedjoeplz:

:iconarkhamlady: : :icontifaitbetternotplz: :iconcloudumonstrplz: :iconaerisitburnsplz: :iconcloudpervplz: :icontifagrownplz:

:icongoddess-of-buttsecks: : :icontifawantplz:

:iconsheggy: : :icondancingcloudplz: :iconmockingsephirothplz:

:icondrevan64: : :iconcaitsithtrollfaceplz:

:iconralor: : :iconestergnawinhimplz:

:iconhighwindsen: : :iconangry-aerisplz:

:iconaerisfrogplz: : :iconaerisfrogplz:

:icontsurtsurel12: : : :iconaerisraegplz: :icontifaraegplz: :iconcloudadventureplz: :iconyuffieishappyplz: :iconone-wingedsephyplz: :iconsephylostitplz: :iconbookshoveplz: :iconwhatthemateriaplz: :iconaerismogritaplz:

:iconchalengerx: : :icongaspcloudplz:

:iconikai-zixie: : :iconmustresistcloudplz:

:iconkjelfalconer: : :iconforeveraloneaerisplz:

:iconlegolass1119: : :iconfuturecloudplz:

:iconkasimere: : :iconagelesstsengplz:

:iconzerokazuhake: : :iconyuffiemurderplz: :iconunforgivevincentplz:

:iconaiphos-sender: : :iconcloudpatronizeplz:

:iconshadow-katana: : :iconsillyredxiiiplz:

:iconthecommander236: : :iconclouddatplaneboatplz: :iconcloudnoimpressedplz: :iconsephyouheardmeplz: :iconredxiiisadfaceplz: :iconyuffiehappyplz: :iconcloudinpainplz:

:iconshinbufuman: : :iconaerisexcitedplz: :iconyuffieomgplz: :iconyuffiequiteplz:

:iconanonymousguy3: : :icontsunyuffieplz: :iconnekoyuffieplz: :iconyuffiewantsthedplz: :icongododerpplz: :iconrudeswagplz: :iconpsychoyuffieplz: :icongreasedyuffieplz:

:iconcapri-chan: : :icongrouchocloudplz:





CLAYED Tribute by ObstinateMelon
CLAYED Tribute
Melon, you silly bastard, that's not the title of the song: CROWNED from Rainbow Curse.
I made this picture again, because god dammit, why is that song in this game? Is it because you love me, Kirby? Is it??!!

Don't be fooled by his backside either, I gave Kirby a little face too! Here's an imgur gallery of it:


United States
Operating System: Windows 7


Hey, I have a stamp!

Obstinate Melon - Stamp by Dima-Chan


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meowlodyx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
Hi love your icon lol it's sooo RANDOM
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
But, it's a melon and my name is melon!
meowlodyx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
Ofcourse not in real life XD
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You don't know that for sure...!
(1 Reply)
LivingInThisFantasy Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Haha I love how you kept your icon ever the same since you joined DeviantArt. XD

I know I haven't been commenting much on your work (not only on your comic, but all your artwork), but I wanted to say that you're great and you'll always be. :) I miss the days when I would comment on almost everything you posted and I hope I can do it again someday. XD I'm feeling the urge to read your comic all over again because of its awesomeness. You're one of the nicest and funniest people I've run into since I've joined this site. Keep up the good work! I hope you're doing well. :tighthug:
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yes, true dedication takes laziness. B-)

Hey, even if you had commented I wouldn't have been able to reply! I lost the ability to keep up with that a long time ago too. Can I go back to when five people knew who I was pls??

The other stuff you're crazy for thinking, but, I SHALL ACCEPT YOUR HONEYED WORDS. I don't know how to thank you. I mean, like... I have half of a sandwich... do you want it? :iconohdearplz:
LivingInThisFantasy Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
Haha, that's true XD

Well at least it would add some more to your pile of comments, so you lose even more the ability of keeping up with them. :B (Just kidding, I wish you good luck with that. XD If they are good comments you deserve them. :)) We could always manage to create a time machine so you can go back time.

Why thank you! Half a sandwich sounds good. :eyes:
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Thanks again. I could go back in time and redraw the comic. :nod: Also I could go back in time and redraw the comic. :iconheadacheplz:

...I don't know if I like the way you're looking at that sandwich.
leoryff Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Okay, I would have watched you 20 minutes ago, but the website was out of wack.  

i am now watching you.  

ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
It wasn't necessary, but I appreciate it!
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