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Final Fantasy 7.0 Plz Account Database

Finally taking the advice given to me multiple times about making a place to keep track of all the plz accounts. I certainly can't keep track of them anymore.

It goes as follows: [Person who created the plz] : [the plz]

:iconsilverdragonblood: : :iconcloudsweetjesusplz:

:iconhafell: : :iconcloudballsplz: :iconcloudgahplz: :iconcloudsephiroth: :iconfrogaerisplz:

:icondima-chan: : :iconclouddurrhurrplz: :iconcloudsleepplz: :iconaerisflowersplz: :icontifanotimpressedplz: :icondouchebagcloud:

:iconheminekron: : :iconsillycloudplz: :icontifawutplz: :iconcrazysephyplz: :iconsillygenesisplz: :iconangrysephyplz: :iconmadlockhartplz: :icontifadeniedplz: :iconsurprisedcloudplz: :iconcloudnotimpressedplz: :iconworriedsephyplz: :iconhappytifaplz: :iconhappyaerithplz: :iconyuffiebelieveitplz: :iconfishyyuffieplz: :iconyuffieinyourfaceplz: :iconschemingyuffieplz: :iconyuffiechuponplz: :iconcloudwutplz: :icontifaohmyplz: :iconcreepyofficerplz:

:iconrah-chan: : :iconrufusraegplz:

:iconryugexu: : :iconragerothplz: :iconitsreallypainfulplz:

:iconaerisbreed: : :iconcloudmehplz: :iconcloudbyeplz: :iconmapofmidgarplz: :iconaerisohyouplz: :iconcloudissaneplz: :iconyuffiekawaiiplz:

:iconkatt97: : :iconsephyreadplz: :iconconstipatedsephplz:

:iconim-a-tumor: : :iconcloudsquatplz:

:iconnaosuloff: : :iconaerisboggleplz: :iconredluvplz: :iconcloudraepface: :iconbarretwutplz: :iconstoneryuffieplz: :iconcloudyudodisplz: :iconcaitlawlsplz: :iconmogshockplz: :iconhappymaskcaitplz:

:iconzack-the-puppy-20: : :iconcloudsarcastingplz:

:icontomisastrawberry: : :iconshockedcloudplz: :iconcloudisbrockplz: :iconsillyelenaplz: :iconmateriainmyvanplz:

:iconkinetii: : :iconsillydolphinplz: :iconyouwaitandseeplz:

:iconkelle611: : :iconrufushappyfaceplz: :iconcloudwhatthisshitplz:

:iconknotinthecoffin: : :iconchocomogplz: :iconchocosteveplz: :iconchildhoodstalkerplz: :iconpassplz:

:iconshamelessmagic: : :icondistraughtcloudplz: :iconcloudnoooplz: :iconcloudgaspplz: :iconpsychoscarletplz: :iconjoesacrebleuplz: :iconjoeheeplz: :iconclouddoubtsitplz: :iconunpleasedjoeplz:

:iconarkhamlady: : :icontifaitbetternotplz: :iconcloudumonstrplz: :iconaerisitburnsplz: :iconcloudpervplz: :icontifagrownplz:

:icongoddess-of-buttsecks: : :icontifawantplz:

:iconsheggy: : :icondancingcloudplz: :iconmockingsephirothplz:

:icondrevan64: : :iconcaitsithtrollfaceplz:

:iconralor: : :iconestergnawinhimplz:

:iconhighwindsen: : :iconangry-aerisplz:

:iconaerisfrogplz: : :iconaerisfrogplz:

:icontsurtsurel12: : : :iconaerisraegplz: :icontifaraegplz: :iconcloudadventureplz: :iconyuffieishappyplz: :iconone-wingedsephyplz: :iconsephylostitplz: :iconbookshoveplz: :iconwhatthemateriaplz: :iconaerismogritaplz:

:iconchalengerx: : :icongaspcloudplz:

:iconikai-zixie: : :iconmustresistcloudplz:

:iconkjelfalconer: : :iconforeveraloneaerisplz:

:iconlegolass1119: : :iconfuturecloudplz:

:iconkasimere: : :iconagelesstsengplz:

:iconzerokazuhake: : :iconyuffiemurderplz: :iconunforgivevincentplz:

:iconaiphos-sender: : :iconcloudpatronizeplz:

:iconshadow-katana: : :iconsillyredxiiiplz:

:iconthecommander236: : :iconclouddatplaneboatplz: :iconcloudnoimpressedplz: :iconsephyouheardmeplz: :iconredxiiisadfaceplz: :iconyuffiehappyplz: :iconcloudinpainplz:

:iconshinbufuman: : :iconaerisexcitedplz: :iconyuffieomgplz: :iconyuffiequiteplz:





FFV Field Sprites by ObstinateMelon
FFV Field Sprites
Some important and not so important FF5 characters with their original sprite colors/appearances intact!

I always loved how FF9 came really close to that green-skinned-lookin' Gilgamesh. He looks so fiendish. :nod:

And here's a PNG file with no background or names if anyone wants to use it for crap, idk.
Grahf, Emperor of Darkness Tribute by ObstinateMelon
Grahf, Emperor of Darkness Tribute
Alright, alright, one more Xenogears picture. I drew two, it's just that coloring things is a nightmare.

Pretty silly song title. Really cool-looking boss fight, however. :nod:

Super Guided... Kick.
Longing Tribute by ObstinateMelon
Longing Tribute
I didn't want to make a picture with the title "Emotions" so I went with the other translation instead. Have any of ya'll heard kabukibear's acoustic version of this song? I love it.

I was drawing Xenogears fallen into disuse over the years but I don't think Fei or Elly would be alive long enough to see it get encased in an effin' mountain – even with their inhibitors removed. I don't even know if they can be reincarnations anymore since I don't think the Wave Existence exists after this and — what the hell am I talking about? *Goes back to listening to music*


United States
Operating System: Windows 7


Hey, I have a stamp!

Obstinate Melon - Stamp by Dima-Chan


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Ropou105 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  New member
Hey, hi! Like so many others, I think your FFVII comics are AWESOME, and I want to thank you for sharing them with us. You are so funny and talented!!! Keep up the good work........ please? *flutters eyelashes* ... hehe =P
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
If I knew I'd get responses like that I would have shared things sooner!

winterweather Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
happy new year >;3
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
Ha ha, thanks, buddy. You too.
winterweather Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
5Andy5 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hello do you have a xbox 360 and Perfect dark XBLA? C: I saw that you made a drawing of Joanna dark. I was wonder if you had one so we can bring the online play back to life if you do. 

Here is my journal if you are interested. Please share this if your a fan or just think it's a good idea :D…
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
That's a noble cause!

Ha ha, thanks, but I suck at multiplayer nor do I have the time to play it. Hope it goes well though!
5Andy5 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
noble cause?
FinestFantasy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  New member
Dude you comics rock!! what do you use to draw them like that?
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Thanks, person! I use a pencil and paper. The annoying gradients and all that are done in Photoshop.
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