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Final Fantasy 7.0 Plz Account Database

Finally taking the advice given to me multiple times about making a place to keep track of all the plz accounts. I certainly can't keep track of them anymore.

It goes as follows: [Person who created the plz] : [the plz]

:iconsilverdragonblood: : :iconcloudsweetjesusplz:

:iconhafell: : :iconcloudballsplz: :iconcloudgahplz: :iconcloudsephiroth: :iconfrogaerisplz:

:icondima-chan: : :iconclouddurrhurrplz: :iconcloudsleepplz: :iconaerisflowersplz: :icontifanotimpressedplz: :icondouchebagcloud:

:iconheminekron: : :iconsillycloudplz: :icontifawutplz: :iconcrazysephyplz: :iconsillygenesisplz: :iconangrysephyplz: :iconmadlockhartplz: :icontifadeniedplz: :iconsurprisedcloudplz: :iconcloudnotimpressedplz: :iconworriedsephyplz: :iconhappytifaplz: :iconhappyaerithplz: :iconyuffiebelieveitplz: :iconfishyyuffieplz: :iconyuffieinyourfaceplz: :iconschemingyuffieplz: :iconyuffiechuponplz: :iconcloudwutplz: :icontifaohmyplz: :iconcreepyofficerplz:

:iconrah-chan: : :iconrufusraegplz:

:iconryugexu: : :iconragerothplz: :iconitsreallypainfulplz:

:iconaerisbreed: : :iconcloudmehplz: :iconcloudbyeplz: :iconmapofmidgarplz: :iconaerisohyouplz: :iconcloudissaneplz: :iconyuffiekawaiiplz:

:iconkatt97: : :iconsephyreadplz: :iconconstipatedsephplz:

:iconim-a-tumor: : :iconcloudsquatplz:

:iconnaosuloff: : :iconaerisboggleplz: :iconredluvplz: :iconcloudraepface: :iconbarretwutplz: :iconstoneryuffieplz: :iconcloudyudodisplz: :iconcaitlawlsplz: :iconmogshockplz: :iconhappymaskcaitplz:

:iconzack-the-puppy-20: : :iconcloudsarcastingplz:

:icontomisastrawberry: : :iconshockedcloudplz: :iconcloudisbrockplz: :iconsillyelenaplz: :iconmateriainmyvanplz:

:iconkinetii: : :iconsillydolphinplz: :iconyouwaitandseeplz:

:iconkelle611: : :iconrufushappyfaceplz: :iconcloudwhatthisshitplz:

:iconknotinthecoffin: : :iconchocomogplz: :iconchocosteveplz: :iconchildhoodstalkerplz: :iconpassplz:

:iconshamelessmagic: : :icondistraughtcloudplz: :iconcloudnoooplz: :iconcloudgaspplz: :iconpsychoscarletplz: :iconjoesacrebleuplz: :iconjoeheeplz: :iconclouddoubtsitplz: :iconunpleasedjoeplz:

:iconarkhamlady: : :icontifaitbetternotplz: :iconcloudumonstrplz: :iconaerisitburnsplz: :iconcloudpervplz: :icontifagrownplz:

:icongoddess-of-buttsecks: : :icontifawantplz:

:iconsheggy: : :icondancingcloudplz: :iconmockingsephirothplz:

:icondrevan64: : :iconcaitsithtrollfaceplz:

:iconralor: : :iconestergnawinhimplz:

:iconhighwindsen: : :iconangry-aerisplz:

:iconaerisfrogplz: : :iconaerisfrogplz:

:icontsurtsurel12: : : :iconaerisraegplz: :icontifaraegplz: :iconcloudadventureplz: :iconyuffieishappyplz: :iconone-wingedsephyplz: :iconsephylostitplz: :iconbookshoveplz: :iconwhatthemateriaplz: :iconaerismogritaplz:

:iconchalengerx: : :icongaspcloudplz:

:iconikai-zixie: : :iconmustresistcloudplz:

:iconkjelfalconer: : :iconforeveraloneaerisplz:

:iconlegolass1119: : :iconfuturecloudplz:

:iconkasimere: : :iconagelesstsengplz:

:iconzerokazuhake: : :iconyuffiemurderplz: :iconunforgivevincentplz:

:iconaiphos-sender: : :iconcloudpatronizeplz:

:iconshadow-katana: : :iconsillyredxiiiplz:

:iconthecommander236: : :iconclouddatplaneboatplz: :iconcloudnoimpressedplz: :iconsephyouheardmeplz: :iconredxiiisadfaceplz: :iconyuffiehappyplz: :iconcloudinpainplz:

:iconshinbufuman: : :iconaerisexcitedplz: :iconyuffieomgplz: :iconyuffiequiteplz:

:iconanonymousguy3: : :icontsunyuffieplz: :iconnekoyuffieplz: :iconyuffiewantsthedplz: :icongododerpplz: :iconrudeswagplz: :iconpsychoyuffieplz: :icongreasedyuffieplz:

:iconcapri-chan: : :icongrouchocloudplz:





Spear of Justice Tribute by ObstinateMelon
Spear of Justice Tribute
Spear of Justice.

More Undertale art for the internet. Surprise. Here's my little Sans too: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans Tribute by ObstinateMelon

I'm not sure when I'm going to get back to uploading again. I haven't outright quit, I just need to figure out when to find time to draw and how to do it regularly. Regardless, I hope you're enjoying yourselves! There's a lot of cool things out there to play. B-)
Final Fantasy 7 Page411 by ObstinateMelon
Final Fantasy 7 Page411
Page 411

Previous: Final Fantasy 7 Page410

I'm temporarily back from my games-coma and E3 hype and I-don't-know-what. Ya'll have learned by now not to expect updates regularly, right?


United States
Operating System: Windows 7


Hey, I have a stamp!

Obstinate Melon - Stamp by Dima-Chan


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RRM25 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Have you quit? :0
SonOfACoolGuy86 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Wait wait wait... you are a melon who final fantasies?

...That's awesome :D
RRM25 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
any new games you are looking forward to?
PKawesome6 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
Hey, Cloud was confirmed for Smash 4!…
alexx Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
...and I'm so behind in video game news that THIS is how I find out!  Awesome!  Was kinda expecting a character more famous for being on a Nintendo system rather than one famous for being on the Playstation, but I certainly ain't complaining.  He looks badass!  Especially with Bahamut blasting a laser from the background - they somehow really made that look terrifying!
ObstinateMelon Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
It was a sexy announcement. B-)

Can't believe the type of music I'm going to have in a Smash Bros game now.
RRM25 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
Thanks for the ff8 cameos, that was my childhood game.
avenger09 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It would be cool if you did a drawing of the FF7 Groupshot…

Only with more realistic proportions and no overlap so we can clearly see each character. It'd look great in your style. 
RRM25 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015
hey i noticed how the art in your comics has changed a lot over time, really I wouldn't mind if the art goes back to looking like the beginning of the comic, if that means it would be a hell of lot easier for you to continue this awesome creation of fan art, really the way you write these characters and their interactions, its really funny and good to read. damn man congrats :)
millgiass Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Been a long time.
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